Sunday, November 11, 2007

Campy Christmas Cards

I love holiday cards. I'm not sure which to pick, but of the cards you see here:
The first card is a gnome diorama from Kinda silly but also kinda expensive...

The next three are from rockscissorpaper and the last is by Frederick Beck. His designs are sold all over the web.

But if I have the energy, I may go in a completely different direction & take a photo. Not a traditional photo. My husband has sat on Santa's lap with me... we looked ridiculous, which I like. One year I sent a photo of us at a holiday party, and last year our cards were of a Shag print.

By the way, if you saw my earlier post - invitation obsession - I chose the last one from They were titled "Golden Globes." I wonder why I was drawn to those? :)

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