Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Hallway

This is my hallway, not shot very well by moi.. .but I thought I'd share the first thing I see as I come home and leave everyday.
The color reminds me of that lovely Tiffany box blue. Then there's the art. There are so many stories on that wall!
As I scan the different pieces, it's hard to name a favorite. I can't believe that so many eclectic styles go together so well and are such a representation of my and Robert's loves.
First of all, do you spy the lovely Ken Garduno watercolor in the top photo? There are several finds from flea markets... an Audrey Hepburn print... Amy Sol's dinosaur.. my Olvera Street skeleton Elvis... Lilly Piri.. it's so faint in the photo it doesn't do it justice.. Robert's silhouette in the green frame from when he was 10 years old... Botero... Rev. Howard Finster's flying Elvis...

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