Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Luxe For Less: California Dreaming

Yesterday, we looked at some pretty things that cost a pretty penny.  Extravagant.  That was fun.  Here's another take on the looks, but with less painful prices.  If you missed the post, click here!

This gorgeous Tigerlily Doreto Batik Caftan Dress is $101.50 on shopbop.   I love the fringe and you could take it off the beach with a pair of jeans & a skinny belt.  We balance out the boho vibe with a structured tote from Nordstrom  for $88.  The cuff has the size & detail of our inspiration piece and is just $4.80 from Forever 21.  The espadrille wedges were a great find.  Just $29.50 from Old Navy.

Missoni is hard to beat, because this bikini from Trina Turk has a similar delicate pattern.  It's on sale here for $98.40.  Are you dying for Perrier's limited edition line featuring Dita Von Teese?  It will be available July 1st!  No price yet...

Every gal needs a collapsible beach umbrella and this one's only $24.95 from Crate & Barrel .  The shades have the lift in the upper corners that I love.  They're from Forever 21 and cost $5.80.

Wooden beach chairs don't come cheap, so you could just spread out this Crate & Barrel blanket for $39.95 and call it a day.  If you're spending lots of time on the sand or watching fireworks, this chair looks wonderfully comfy and comes with the charming little pillow.  $79.95 here.

Next up... rompers!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

California Dreaming

I'm pining like Bella for Edward in this June gloom, only my craving is for hot SoCal beaches.  Since this girl can only daydream about heading to sunny shores, let's do some virtual shopping and pretend we have no budget.

First, a reversible Missoni bikini to match my limited edition San Pellegrino.  By the way, the disclaimer on recommends not getting the bikini wet. Click details if you go there. Where are my high heels?!

Just joking.  I love espadrille wedges for lift without being tacky.  Christian Louboutin makes these incredible shoes with a little bow hitting the middle of your foot.  This woven Fendi bag charmed me with the shoulder strap, plus it works great at the beach and for shopping.

I love a bright print and recently discovered Milly.  There's a Pucci-esque style to this brand, and while I wouldn't say it's inexpensive, it's a fraction of Pucci's price.  I love Milly's cover up and the folded up fabric to the right?  Those aren't pillowcases.  It's a beach blanket with detachable pillow.  Dying!

How about a pair of Damien Hirst chairs to help us relax and watch the sea?  This gorgeous Rachel Zoe cuff is easy to unclasp before sprinting into the sea, or shall I say, wading your ankles in the water.  Don't want to get our bikini wet, do we?

I require an umbrella at the beach.  I can only lay in the sun for about an hour before I get overheated.  Williams Sonoma makes an umbrella in classic canvas and these Alexander McQueen shades have the most subtle and delightful lift in the upper corners.

Stay tuned for my next post.  I'll do all of these looks for less!

By the way, can we start a new trend?  The headband sweatband style is over.  Please wear it the classic way.  Your forehead pores will thank you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Love

Curtis Kulig's street art spotted on Sunset Blvd. a block east of Highland Ave.

You've probably seen his art in the opening credits of SNL.  I have this poster, which I regret is sold out.

His latest one is still available, but not as cool as the others IMHO.  I recommend scouring ebay.

The Cat's Meow

These headphones debut in October. They're called Hello Kitty x AERIAL7 headphones, which doesn't exactly trip off the tongue, but I have an idea they won't be hard to find.  I have serious issues with most headphones, which I need because I run/jog/walk everyday with an iPod.

These are the two current options I own:

1. Earbuds.  They fall out when I'm running.

2. Headphones with attached earbuds. They stay in, but it feels like my ears are being stabbed

These soft and adorable ear cushions are a sight (sound) for sore ears.  I know Dr. Dre has isolation headphones, but in my musical bliss, I would surely get hit by a car on my way to Runyon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Egyptian Lover

I have wanderlust flowing through my veins. I want to escape somewhere exotic. I'm slightly obsessed with Egypt & Bali.

Where on earth shall I go? I look forward to your thoughts & insights...

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wall of Fame

I was just added to Downey High School's Wall of Fame. It was just a HALL of Fame when I was in HS, but now my name's up permanently at DHS. Yeah!The person who nominated me is the Vice Principal of DHS. WAY back when I was a senior in high school, Lisa Lucke was my English teacher. She's easily the best teacher I ever had. I earned an A- in her class and I worked harder for her than anyone! She brought out the best in me.

At the induction ceremony she read the letter I wrote to her when I was 21 years old. I was a web producer at KNBC & told her how proud I was of my job & how I was practicing what she taught me (which was avoiding flowery language and extraneous words). I am still working on these things...

Below is my husband @robertd3 and I.My HS BFF @christinacosta & I were songleading co-captains, on student council together & besties to this day :)I grew up with @ChrisAlvarado too. I remember when he was a short & chubby boy when we were kids!! Now he's a tall, dark & handsome actor. Future DHS Wall of Famer.My momma xoxoxoTom Houts (who was my Vice Principal) is the Principal of DHS. He was always sweet and still as handsome as I remember him! Speaking of principals...

I was inducted with Allen Layne, who was my high school principal. He's a bit ahead of me though. The high school football field is named after him.

I remember painting signs like this for student council and cheerleading. What great memories came back to me!

Lizet aka @ldizzlesquirrel came to support too! She graduated in 2000 from DHS but we met on twitter!

After the ceremony I had to eat at El Taco, which is still my fave Mexican food on the planet. Taquitos or flautas smothered in guacamole. That's the ticket.

I came home, cuddled with my plaque and honoree blanket. One of the most memorable days ever.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

(Will) Cotton Candy Wonderland

Katy Perry shares my Will Cotton obsession! A shot from her video...

One of his paintings

Kitty Purry...Will CottonAw heck, just watch the video clip.

Can't wait to see the whole thing! In the meantime, more Will Cotton...
Snoop behind the scenes! Love it.

Your Love Is My Drug

Music Code Provided by

This video was shot right here in Lancaster, Cali. It starts like a Seventeen magazine photo spread with the trendy tribal look, but then dissolves into The Beatles' Yellow Submarine and glow in the dark war paint.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Simple/Sweet Summer Salad

This is a light, refreshing summer salad that's a bit sweet, tangy & simple to make. It's inspired by a salad I order every time I visit Quattro Caffe in South Coast Plaza (next to Armani).

This is my take.

Ingredients for one.

Two handful of fresh baby spinach - buy it in the bag, much faster
5 fresh strawberries
small can of corn, drained - yes, I serve it straight from the can!
1 grilled chicken breast

For salad dressing, I have a sweet tooth, so I use Marie's fat-free raspberry vinegarette, but a dash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar work great too

Grill a chicken breast, preferably on the BBQ! In a bowl lightly toss the spinach with the salad dressing until it's evenly coated. Plate it. Slice strawberries and 2 tbs of corn on top, sprinkle pepper and top with the warm sliced grilled chicken. Voila!

Even easier and just as tasty without the chicken!

Quattro images from


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