Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Invitation obsession

When planning a party, isn't the planning half of the fun?
I'm big on anticipation. I love getting the butterflies & daydreaming about getting everyone you know and love together in one room to mingle & enjoy their company.
Remember back to school time - shopping for outfits to wear, the right 3-ring binder and backpack.
In high school it was all about high school dances. I would shop for months for the perfect dress & shoes. Back then it all had to match - you know I had some shoes dyed crazy colors.
My birthday feels like such a benchmark in my life, a party is absolutely necessary. :)
These invites are from Kate Spade & Rock Scissor Paper. I'm going with the last with the starburst on it from RSP.
The gals at Rock Scissor Paper are great to work with - as in they are direct, helpful & quick, quick, quick!
Most invitations take 6-8 weeks for the proof & order. Who has time to plan that early? Not me.
I told them what I wanted, they sent my proof the next day, I made payment today, and they are mailing it out tomorrow. I can't believe it. I love it!

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