Friday, November 09, 2007

Painting a Day

These wonderful paintings are by Karin Jurik, who I think may live in Atlanta.. my old stomping grounds.
Karin likes Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Van Morrison and hates rap and shopping.
¡No me digas! I could shop all day and listen to rap while I'm doing it.

But we obviously both love dessert. I could eat the cupcakes and slice of coconut cake right off the masonite. (She doesn't work on canvas.) They look so delectable and full of life!

Click here to see more of her lovely oil paintings and commentary on each piece. It's witty and wonderful. Don't you love knowing what goes through the artist's mind about the pieces they create?


Ann said...

I love these! I've recently been writing little pieces on kitchens as art galleries... how I wish I had one of Karin's paintings in my kitchen!

Lisa Teague said...

These paintings are great!

Your site is really well done.

suzannemarques said...

thank you so much ann & lisa. your blogs are great too! :)


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