Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Tree is Up

We just put up our artifical tree (nothing's messing with my new floors) and Simba has already taken her post in front of it. Guarding it. Every time we add something special to our home she makes sure the other kitties can't get close. She's the tree's bodyguard. Nobody's messing with the tree.

Why is it up so early? Well we were watching I Love New York 2 this morning & Robert says, let's put up the tree. I figure why not, since I'm not in the mood to lug it up our stairs on Thanksgiving. If he's inspired, he can do most of the work.

By the way, this comes from the gal who put up her tree in August two years ago. Not because I was selling it on ebay and needed to take a photo. It was for a much more pathetic reason than that. I was homesick, alone, & it provided comfort. Better than stuffing myself with oreos, right?

That's the same year I collected all of my vintage ornaments. I don't have the time to do that now. Maybe I have more of a life now? I sound pathetic. It's that time of year anyway when sappy pitiful stories are all over the place. That was mine for the holidays. You're welcome.


Ann said...

Okay, you have offically made me feel like a slacker. But even so, I am not getting my tree (which is teensy and fake and was bought one Christmas in Barcelona) out for at least two weeks.

suzannemarques said...

it's nice to enjoy the anticipation!
ooh. Barcelona! You have to post it. How exotic. Mine was found on or some web outlet.


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