Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Darjeeling Limited

The Darjeeling Limited may not be my favorite film by Wes Anderson, but it's packed with style. Forget product placement with soda and chips.. I'm all about fashion lines.

Louis Vuitton is all over the movie - check out the brothers' custom suits and their shoes. If you saw the film, Owen Wilson's character freaks out after a child steals one of his custom $10,000 shoes.

At the top of my Christmas wish list? The numbered Louis Vuitton luggage. Each case had small animal drawings created by Wes's brother and illustrator - Eric Anderson.

I prefer it to the Murakami line that's getting so much attention!

The original set was auctioned off in NY a couple of months ago. Who knows what ungodly price the set went for. LV, please come out with a line!
By the way - take a peek at my last post. Can you see how my hallway is influenced by the family home hallway in The Royal Tennenbaums and the vivid colors of Life Aquatic? I'm obsessed!

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