Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Photo Frenzy

We just finished shooting our Christmas card photo. There are so many great ones, but the final shot is under wraps. I want to surprise our friends & fam! Did you see the 3rd pic? It features a pouncing Saber Toothed Simba.

It was so much fun to be silly with Robert in front of our tree. This is our first official Christmas together. Every other year we've spent apart except for last year. But in 2006, our house was under construction & we didn't even put up a tree. We just let the holiday fly by

Don't you love Robert's Santa costume? I bought it for $39 bucks at I bought a sexy green elf costume from, but it was too small and the dress didn't match the stockings.

I went searching through my closet & this morning I hit the jackpot. My D&G dress from the Grammys was hiding in the back. It worked better than any elf costume. (Plus I got a second wearing out of it!)

Jonathan Shapiro photographed us. He is gifted & headed to Bali as we speak. All of his vehicles are biodiesel & he has aspirations of helping less fortunate countries convert to biodiesel generators. What's not to love?

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