Thursday, November 08, 2007

Idle Worship

I met one of my idols tonight. Yep. Diane Von Furstenberg.
She was glamorous and rocking one of her creations. A darling sleeveless cocktail number with ruffles. The woman is over 60 and she was wearing silver high heels and her calves looked toned and amazing - like she's in her twenties!
She mesmerized everyone on the red carpet, including several young men around us.
She tossed her head around, wrapped her shimmery shawl around her shoulders as she spoke. Always striking a pose, like a camera was constantly following her.
She is fabulous!
Oh yeah, and she looked at me, raised her sculpted eyebrows and told me I'm pretty.
She was also trying to get out of answering a question I was asking her... isn't that the best way to shut someone up and change their focus? Compliment them.
Again, she is fab.

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