Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fantastic Four

Robert and I went to the Corey Helford Gallery show, "Four" last night. Melissa Forman's work was as lovely as I expected and nearly all were sold. This happens with everyone I like. Do I just have the eye, or what? :)

This is darling artist Melissa Forman, her boyfriend and her work.

A few days before the show, I had inquired about the painting below. She told me it was a present. Look at the resemblance between her BF and the painting.. aha!
(Ok, so she told me it was him.)

There was an Adults Only section, painted to look like a wooden fence with peepholes to view some if Karen Hsaio's work. I'm a lady so I won't disclose what I saw. Go see for yourself.

If I could make a wish right now, I would own the oil painting by Jason Shawn Alexander in the middle. Its heartrending beauty is enchanting.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Channeling Charlotte

Ok, so here is the dress I just bought for the Sex & The City outing with my girls.
It's DVF & it's a bit more matte and poofy in the skirt in person. I was on a roll, so I walked a few stores down on Melrose to Marc Jacobs.
70% off sale! (Not Marc by MJ, but MJ... take my advice & run down there, gals.)
I scored two fab pairs of shoes. I can't find my camera so we'll have to do imagery.
Choice #1: Very high, sexy chunky bronze heel with skinny straps.
Choice #2: Tall, white, kitten heel.

I'm leaning toward the white. It seems more fresh, sexy, nautical & WASPY? Thus, more Charlotte-inspired. We'll see how it all comes together on Sunday.

Happy weekend all & look for the fashionista group photos up Monday!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Walk On Washington

I'm not organizing a protest on our Capitol. There's a fabulous artsy weekend ahead in Culver City's Art District. The works above are by Melissa Forman, who is featured at a show opening this Friday at my fave gallery in CC.

Corey Helford Gallery
Friday 7-10pm
Featuring Sarah Folkman, Jason Shawn Alexander, Karen Hsiao, Melissa Forman.
8522 Washington Blvd.

Can't come Friday? Maybe Saturday.

ARTWALK Culver City
noon - 8pm
Saturday, May 31
Washington Blvd. starting at La Cienega (right off the 10 fwy)
It's a free self-guided tour of more than forty galleries, with live jazz & restaurant promotions.
310.253.5716 for more info

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caught On Tape!

Click on the image to watch my dish via video on the Ed Hardy website.

I don't often post my stories, but this was so much fun! Wish all my blogging buds were there...

By the way, this is us when Snoop Dogg hit the stage. We knew all the words. It was quite the moment.

That's a bottle of water btw.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Feast At Figaro

Figaro in Silver Lake is a bit of Balthazar in LA. I really should say Paris, but this gal really digs America's take on international cuisine. Sorry purists! I do adore Paris btw.

Here's the outside of Figaro at 1802 N Vermont Ave in Los Feliz. Then a view from inside. Don't you adore fresh baguettes? It's one thing Americans haven't truly mastered. The French do baguettes best.

My plentiful plate of chicken, mushroom sauce and fries. Oh yeah, this American asked for extra ketchup. No apologies. The sauce looks thicker here than in person. It was light and tasty. Robert ordered the Mediterranean Panini and loved it. The wide shot at right was the view from my seat. When the weather is warmer, I'm heading to the outdoor tables.

Here's the view from my seat again. Great bar. When you enter the restaurant, you pass the bakery with delectable goodies... Yum.

Robert had a fashion moment with me when we left. A full belly makes me happy. I'm wearing thrift store shirt, Forever 21 "pearls", vintage purse, True Religion jeans, Urban Outfitter belt and Dolce Vita shoes.

We stopped by La Luz De Jesus afterward. I want to snap up both pieces by artist Magda Trzaksi, who reminds me of Tim Burton & Edward Gorey.

If you look at more of her work, I kept thinking Beetle Juice and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party Like a Christian

Christian Audigier that is. Went out for his 50th birthday blowout.

Michael Jackson made a special appearance, Jesus juice was on tap, & look who I got a snap of below.... Brit Brit.

Only I (a member of the media who is constantly taking photos of herself) would mess up this shot. Now you know why I am a reporter and not a photographer.

All my behind the scenes dish & better photos after the jump!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justifiying My Youtube Obsession

Timbaland knows the way
To reach the top of the charts
Maybe if I work with him
I can perfect the art

seeing as they used the biggest youtube stars... peanut butter jelly time... kelly from shoes... chris crocker... mentos & coke.... history of dance... chocolate rain... I'll stop now.

Sex In Hollywood

My girlfriends and I are heading to the Arclight next weekend for the Sex & The City film. We will start with lunch & cocktails and we will be dressing the part.

Does this trigger images of Star Wars conventions & premieres with Storm Troopers, wookies & Princess Leias? It does in my mind. But just look at this group of gals. They are working it.

They're so cute. So, which character to be...? I love Carrie, but since I'm a brunette, Charlotte will be a heck of a lot easier to pull off.

The vintage dress below is kind of like Charlotte if you ignore the accessories, no? It's too small though. My hunt continues...

This dress is currently for sale on ebay through Nasty Gal Vintage. Someone else should snap it up!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Vote For Art

It didn't rain cats & dogs in LA today, but there was a drizzle & thunder. It's pretty rare in these parts.

The works in this post are from It's a cool website that just launched. Artists can post their art for sale & buyers can check out the "up and comers" and/or buy their work.

I've included a few pieces that get my vote.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Neutra Home Tour & LA Blogger Event

Calling all LA bloggers! There's a cool fundraiser coming up to save a piece of LA's architectural history and it's cheap at $10 a ticket. It's also an excuse to meet up with each other & talk shop.

This fundraiser will help save a Richard Neutra creation, the Neutra VDL House in Silverlake.

First, let me give props to Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield of W&R Design. They designed one of his homes below, which is in Hollywood.

Isn't it gorgeous? They are the team who introduced me to Neutra's work.

In 1990 Richard Neutra's wife Dione, left the VDL Research Compound to the Cal Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design and the architectural landmark is in dire need of funds to maintain the property. $30,000 must be raised by October of this year.
This is the home below.

100% of the admission fee goes towards keeping the property from being sold to a private party.

Here's the details...

LA Design Blogger Meet-up and Neutra House Tour! (you don't have to post much about design, just like it!)

WHEN Saturday, June 21st 11am-ish (exact times TBD)

WHERE Neutra VDL Research House
2300 Silver Lake Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039

THE PLAN We'll meet-up at the Neutra house and take simultaneous tours in small groups starting at different locations on the property. Afterwards we can go for lunch somewhere in the Silverlake area. Suggestions for lunch are welcome!

BRING $10 admission fee* (cash only) a camera & lunch money

RSVP Tell her if you want to be in my group. Tell me too while you're at it!

Here's the gals behind this fun event for women & men!

Cassandra: Coco+Kelley

Monday, May 19, 2008

Face Hunter Hits Me Again

I can't resist posting Ivan the Face Hunter's subjects from time to time. The are such fashion inspiration! I'm a dress gal at heart, but I really really want a jumpsuit like the one below.

Social Security

My fam got together for my dad's 65th birthday. Medicare, Social Security & senior discounts at restaurants. Woo hoo!

My nieces are two little fairies in my life. Sadie is striking a ballerina pose and Livvy wants the doll or the french horn it's holding. Kinda looks like she's telling on me. I'm the one who snagged the first cupcake. The gals each got to lick a number. Then Sadie wanted more sugar from Livvy.

Sadie is the girly girl who likes to dance & pose. Livvy is tough & likes to tear up things.

Where does Sadie get her posing from? Hmm. My mom & dad with the girls. Sadie working it with aunt Suzi.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ladies of the World

I think High Five Hollywood and D*ck in a Box are great, but Ladies of the World by Flight of the Conchords works the magic of BOTH!

It has a minute of tedious talk before the song... wait for it!

Mark Jenkins

I love Mark Jenkins' surrealistic creations. I have a soft spot for street art. The obvious reason being you don't have to visit a gallery or museum to check out the work. He's based in Washington D.C. but he's done some stuff here in LA. More please!

Click here for his website.

Banksy Who?

That's what one blogger said about this piece. It's what caught Robert's and then my attention. It's an incredible artwork and effort on the public walls of Buenos Aires and Baden.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunny Side Up In Santa Monica

I figured some sun might be the trick to kicking allergies/cold (who knows what it is).
Not only do I feel a bit better, I was transported to another place in my little slice of Santa Monica.

First of all, there were guys hawking fruit and ice cream. I love towel-side service! I scored a Spiderman freeze bar for $3 bucks. Now, if they could only sell pina coladas...

I met lots of lovely Europeans vacationing here in the States and I was such a gracious American. I gave a couple of fellows advice on Skybar & a couple of gals the directions to discover the outrageous homes in Beverly Hills.

Check out this guy - Euro no doubt! - sporting a red speedo & enjoying a jog on the sand. I love a guy who can rock a speedo. In the distance behind him see the new ferris wheel that should be up by Memorial Day on Santa Monica Pier.

Love this heat in the Southland!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Miniature Photography

I just discovered tilt shift photography. How divine! It makes photos of regular scale buildings and scenes look like they are in miniature.
You can learn how to do it with a camera & there are even some tips on how to fake it in photoshop!

Here We Go Again

Too much of a good thing can be wonderful - Mae West

So... remember I was just at Velvet Margarita? I get a text from my pal Chris the next morning:

We r craving Mexican food

That's how I ended up there the 2nd night in a row.

Note to the men. If you order a certain margarita, it comes in a pineapple. Sorry, I can't recall the name. May the force be with you.

Linda & I at dinner upstairs. A close up of my zapatos.

Group Round II! Hey, I got a good shot of the sombreros this time. Wasn't I right? They're much more fun than ceiling tiles.


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