Friday, November 09, 2007

Hopeless romantic

When I saw this story, I thought immediately of Sleepless in Seattle.
Don't we all want to feel like the person we will love for life.. would do anything.. absolutely anything just to be with us?
Patrick Moberg saw a girl on the subway who took his breath away.
He was working up the courage to speak to her when she got off the subway and walked out of his life.
He created a webpage dedicated to find her... in NY!
It's the website,
He drew the lovely picture of her you see, with her blue tights and blue gym shorts and red cheeks, and a drawing of himself. And he included his mobile phone number.
Less than two days later he found her.

1 comment:

Ann said...

As a friend of mine observed about this earlier this week: "there are tons of girls who look exactly like that in NYC. He should just talk to the next one."

A little cynical, sure, but he had a point. :-)


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