Monday, November 12, 2007

My Woodson & Rummerfield Masterpiece

Finally I am posting these precious photos.
Here's a secret. I'm the girl in grade school who saved my favorite pencils and erasers - never sharpening or marring their lovely appearance with lead - because they were so special to me I didn't want to use them.

I learned it's a bad habit when I realized I was saving expensive candles for so long they would go bad by the time I went to burn them.

I've started burning my nice candles, but I've been sitting on my lovely home's photos because while I love to blog about random things, everything else never seems to measure up.

So I figured, let's have at it.

Woodson & Rummerfield designed the rooms you see here, and this is just a sample.

You can see more at under recent work.

Ron Woodson & Jaime Rummerfield are the design team you would dream about if Tinkerbell flew over you tonight and sprinkled some fairy dust so you could dream about designers.

They are so Hollywood, so glam, yet down to earth in that "Yeah, we're from LA and we have nothing to prove" way, because they know they have IT.

I found them after seeing one of their great designs in a House Beautiful issue (from last Spring I think), and I knew I had to have em.


coco+kelley said...

HOLD THE PHONE! Are you saying that this is YOUR house? I'm jealous. I absolutely love Woodson & Rummerfield designs ~ I would pick them hands down above the rest to do a room for me just to see them in action.

Nice blog!

Marissa said...

wow. your home is amazing! post more pics!!! love your blog too.

Anna Spiro said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog today - so glad you popped by and thrilled that that is YOUR bathroom! Your house is beautiful - please post some more pics!!!
Absolutely Beautiful Things

suzannemarques said...

thanks ladies! i will certainly do that soon! we recently finished the downstairs guest room, so i'll get off my lazy behind & get out my camera.


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