Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going Green & Gifting

I am reminded of a quote I read in... was it Vogue?

An heiress was asked at an eco-chic party how she goes green.

She replied, "I'm wearing heirloom jewelry."

I'd like to go green this Christmas with these Gucci heels from their Cruise 2007 collection, or a Porsche Cayman. It seems inspired by the classic Jaguar in British Racing Green.

We can even out the purchases with these creative eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas. Martha Stewart schools us all. I particularly love the brown paper package. It's tied up with string!

Wouldn't it be great to wrap something totally decadent like diamond earrings in a recycled Vons bag?

When giving something homemade like cookies, it seems more appropriate to wrap it in brown paper than shiny wrapping paper with snowmen all over it don't ya think?

Though I'm tempted to wrap my Christmas cookies using another great wrapping idea from Martha. It uses mailing tubes, wood-grain printed paper and red satin ribbon. Darling. Click the logs for the how-to.


Ann said...

Damn that Martha... she's always coming up with great-looking ideas I just KNOW will be impossible to reproduce. :-)

Hey, I gave you a shout out...

suzannemarques said...

thanks so much!!! martha is a pain. she sets the standard high :)


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