Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a Dead Man's Party

I've been sad ever since I heard Polaroid is going away.
Have you ever noticed the banner on my site? I love waiting for the photos to develop - shake it like a Polaroid picture - and seeing their grainy, overexposed results.
I've been itching to throw a party.. maybe I should have a Polaroid party? I fear the film may be outrageously expensive?
Robert is like, whatever. He says a gal at work is collecting Polaroid for future use & she was lamenting the sale of land near the Hollywood sign.
Robert told her she should take a photo of the Hollywood sign on Polaroid.
Now that's just mean.


Richard said...

I used to drive everybody crazy snapping Polaroid pictures as a kid. I always caught people in awkward moments. Once, I (as a kid) rushed in my parents bedroom unexpected during the middle of the night. I began to snap pictures because I thought it would be funny to catch them sleeping with their mouth open or something. All I will say is I wish I had never snapped those pictures.

WDL said...

OK, super lame story time:

In graduate school I actually wrote a paper on the preservation of polaroid film.

In a recent blog post, I have posted a picture of me kissing kittens, and yes, that is a polaroid. I realize now to save them, they need to be digitally scanned.

According to Polaroid, a photo should last 25 years. I'm 31 - so I know thats not true. I have tons of baby photos taken with Polaroids....which I am now scanning to save for future generations of WDL fans.


suzannemarques said...

richard. you poor thing. i'm sure your brain has a little scar somewhere to this day.
wdl... you really need to preserve the kitten photo. to lose it would be criminal. if you have more, we want more!


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