Sunday, February 03, 2008

Delicious Elle Decor

I had to post the entire layout for this Manhattan home designed by Katie Ridder in the March 08 issue of Elle Decor.

I love everything about it. I love the Alice in Wonderland etching by Kiki Smith. I love pattern, color and art. I have lusted for the tiles in the bathroom - but have seen them only in peach before. How gorgeous is the blue? The pink room is perfection with the gorgeous daybed.

I won't write anymore. Just enjoy the view and click here to see more of Katie Ridder's portfolio.


Richard said...

Very nice photos. I like having rooms in a house that look masculine, feminine, and in between. My wife and I redecorated several rooms last year, and we tried to use this approach.

In addition, I would love to see examples of the rolex watches you were talking about. Maybe you can do a post on fabulous wathces. I think women can get away with flashy watches. Even though you want a flashy watch, I bet it has class and style. You seem to put together to wear something out of place.

Ashley L. said...

thanks for stopping by and saying hello! i am really enjoying your blog! would you be interested in swapping links?!
also, from your 'about me' section i get the feeling that you are some kind of journalist, is this correct? as a communications major myself i am also interested in that field! would you be interested in giving me a quick run down of how you got started in your job? thanks a bunch! :)


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