Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammys Glam Slam

Here's the red carpet at the beginning of the night... The awards are sitting in cases, draperies sweep over the carpet, the walls are lit up with fabric and strings of gold beads. There were big vases of flowers behind the facades that kept getting tipped over. By the way, notice how there's two rows. The foreground is the actual red carpet. The back is where regular folks enter & also where stars can sneak by & avoid questions from the media.

The best detail! Chandeliers that ran the entire length of the carpet. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Grammy Awards.

Check out Kermit the Frog interviewing Wolfgang Puck! Kermie was there for the Craig Ferguson show.

Below is Colbie Caillat. She sings that song Bubbly.... I love the flower in her hair & her little canary yellow Cynthia Vincent dress. Fergie chose canary yellow too, but I didn't get a shot of her or other huge stars. Too busy scoring interviews with them!

I wore a short bright orange DVF... quite apropo with all of the color happening. Welcoming the warmth back to Cali!

The end of the night. We were there til the end. The last crew to leave. It was so much fun.
Best moment: Interviewing Ringo Starr !!! Ahhh!!!!! A BEATLE!
Runner Up: Feist. She was so cute & breezed down the carpet while security was yelling, "The carpet is closed!" I asked her if it was her first Grammy's red carpet. She said yes! I said what's it like for her? Manic! It's unbelievable! Did you see her acapella version of 1,2,3,4? Fab.


Richard said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the chandeliers; they resemble the one we have in our living area. Love the orange dress as well. Buying clothes for the big event is half the fun. I went to the governor's ball a few years back, and my wife and I had a great time buying her dress and my new tuxedo. I am always looking for a reason to buy I wish the goverment would send those rebate checks :)

Pomegranate said...

U lucky thing!!!!! i'm jealooouussss!!

WDL said...

wow. love your blog. it is so fresh and clean, and bright. also seriously love the content.

found you through WASP101. This is great reading! Adding to my favorites.


The Sporting Life Society said...

Orange is my favorite color, and you wear it well.


suzannemarques said...

ooh richard... the governor's ball! the oscars! i went to elton john's party last year.. after covering it... it was a blast.
pomegranite... i pinch myself every single time.
wdl, just checked out your blog. great wit!
and brett, you are an absolute sweetheart.

{this is glamorous} said...

Oh what fun! And you looked great in that orange dress.


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