Thursday, February 14, 2008

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Robert sent me roses. I have been pining for red and fuschia roses for years! The bouquet rode shotgun with me. With my precious cargo, I didn't even valet for lunch at Mr. Chow.
I drove up the street and parked myself cautiously to protect them from falling over.

When I got my bouquet home, I poured it some fresh water, talked to it and nuzzled the soft petals with my nose.
Someone who is usually poured fresh water, talked to and nuzzled didn't share my joy.
There was a flash of fur.There was some friendly sniffing. Then I heard crunching.

I don't know how long the roses will last.

I did wear my cupcake necklace today. It's safe for now.
The roses are (were?) from Empty Vase. Lovely!


Richard said...

Great flowers! I sent my wife flowers as well. Our dog, like your cat, loves plants and flowers. We have to keep them out of his reach, and I am sure it is easier to keep a mini daschund away from flowers than a cat. Anyway, your photo reminded me of a funny dog moment we had when our baby was a pup. My wife bought a large plant which she brought home to display. Our naughty dog decided to disappear, and we could not find him anywhere. Where did we eventually find him? He was inside the pot of the new plant, and he was digging to China. Dirt was flying everywhere. I wish I had a picture.

I assume this is the red dress you referenced on my blog. Great dress, and perfectly appropriate for V_Day. I like the turtleneck underneath, and I think it gives it a little something extra.

suzannemarques said...

Robert had a daschund as a child. She had a red coat and her name was daisy. i love daschunds and their little stumps for legs.

i can just imagine the little pup digging with those little legs, so determined. how sweet!

thank you! it was a chilly morning. i looked the v-day part.

Wendy said...

Very sweet flowers, such a nice arrangement!


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