Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Guy Bourdin

I'll admit it. The first time I heard Guy Bourdin's name was when someone said Madonna copied his style for her "Hollywood" video. I love that video.
Then I saw his photographs & saw the similarities. He's the OG, a fashion photographer who also made short films. He was born in the twenties and died in the nineties. I can't get enough of his style. These photos are all from his site

To see how Madonna was inspired by his style... watch the vid, then search his name on youtube for Bourdin's short films. I also see similarities to David Lynch... anyway, I've been looking at fashion photography & his are among my favorites.


Pomegranate said...

You're right.. Very similar.

Richard said...

I see it, and I never knew that about Madonna! His style seems edgy, and I like it.

The Sporting Life Society said...

I like his work...thanks for the illumination!


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