Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prep Splurges

I celebrated my first day back on the mend with - what else - shopping! It felt so good to people-watch, have a pomegranite martini at The Whisper Lounge.

I ventured into J Crew & bought some new duds for Robert. (Except for the shirt of the left. It's Gap.) His job is relatively casual so I bought him some shirts that aren't like the shirts he'd wear out. Oh and ties. I haven't bought him any in years. Gasp!

The top photo is my purchases for him. I think both ties work with the middle shirt? The second photo is more true to view. I'll see if he likes them.

Am I the only one who can't handle Abercrombie & Fitch? I don't mind walking by and checking out the models. Always a must. I mind the loud music, too low lighting & heavy cologne. It's like a nightclub trying to hide the dingy decor. Oh, I just got it. It's for teens who aren't old enough to get into clubs yet... living vicariously through A&F. Right?

I'll go take my Geritol now and wash it down with Ensure.


Richard said...

Excellent work Suzanne! I see you bought a repp tie and a club tie. It does not get any more classic than that! At some point, you should buy your husband a custom made shirt. You can purchase one for about $120. Though I warn you, once you go custom, you just cannot wear anything else.

I agree with your position on A&F. It is a disgusting store, and to think that they just built a shop on Savile Row in England makes me sick. Though at one time, A&F was a company that stuck to the basics, and they were comparable to Brooks Brothers and J Press. Two of my personal favorites.

suzannemarques said...

i remember it used to feel more traditional in there too.
remember banana republic back in the day? my father used to take me in there to shop because it looked like a safari. i still have dreams of staying in a 5-star resort in south africa & then going on safari!
i still like banana republic though. :)

Richard said...

A&F was more traditional in our teenage years, but go back even further (before we were born) and you would see a well respected men's store (sorry girls).

I do remember the safari days of Banana Republic. I think they have some acceptable women's clothing still today, but I find their men's clothing a wee bit feminine. I have always wanted to go on a safari as well, and I enjoy looking at Ralph Lauren safari advertisements. I bought his new book, and it is full of great safari imagery.

applevenusian said...

Hey Suzanne,

Great choices! I love those repp ties. I agree with you about A&F - totally gives me a headache.

Hollister is another headache-inducing store. When a Hollister opened up at the local mall, my mom and I went to check it out... and promptly turned on our heels and walked out again. It was like stepping onto the set of The Grind.

suzannemarques said...

the grind! i haven't thought about that show for years. it always makes me think of frasier's wife. she used to be a dancer on the grind i believe. hilarious.


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