Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Me: Bedraggled. Bedridden.
This photo: Beguiling.

I spied this on thesartorialist a few days ago. I love every inch of this Vogue editor's look. It must be nice to have the pick of every designer for free! Note to self: Next life, find a job in fashion.

Her shoes are my favorite part of this look. I had a pair of chunky black heels last winter that are still en vogue, yet I fear I've worn them into the ground. These below are Marni.. the same designer she's wearing...

Love these YSL shoes. I'm strangely drawn to the blue!

I love these Christian Louboutins.


Richard said...

Excellent photo! I believe I commented on her outfit in a positive way on the Sartorialist. Her shoes are my favorite as well, and I like the shoes you have displayed. Especially, the bottom pair, they are my favorite. Wouldn't you love to have unlimited funds to buy all the shoes and clothes you want?

suzannemarques said...

fashionable minds think alike! i believe we met on sart, right? his website has helped me edit the duds out of my wardrobe, but it's also made me want to go shopping more often. :)

Richard said...

Yes, we did meet courtesy of sart. I am feeling really sick today, and I think I must have what you caught. Hope you are feeling better!

suzannemarques said...

no! i hope you didn't. i went to doc yesterday & learned

bronchitis + severe sinus infection = makes suz want to jump off a building.

go 2 doc immediately! :)

Richard said...

I almost forgot! I finally checked out Vampire Weekend, and I love their music. I am trying to find some photos to do a post on their preppy style.

suzannemarques said...

i thought you'd love them. when i go to your website, they are the soundtrack i hear in my head! :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Feel a little like I'm jumping into a private conversation, but that photo is fab. And I do love the shoes with the tights.

suzannemarques said...

not at all! we're obviously just too lazy to email! i can't get enough of shoes with tights. they elongate the leg (vs most leggings) and they're comfortable! :) thanks!


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