Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine From Yelapa

There's a magazine called Sunset.... Do you know that song by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy? It's catchy. (The best part of the video is about 30 seconds in.. wait for it!) I always hum it to myself when I spy the magazine.

Ok, let's get to the point. I read a wonderful article that transported me to a tiny village in Mexico called Yelapa.

Samantha Schoech wrote it with such love, you can tell how proud she is of her little slice of paradise. Her energy jumps off the page.

Click here for the full text, but I excerpted it below....

We stash our luggage and make for two lounge chairs under a thatched-palm palapa. It takes about five minutes before a piece of my Yelapan past comes to us.

"Pie, seƱorita?" A stern-looking woman, with a giant plastic container balanced on her head, is blocking my sun, and I am grateful. It's Augustina.

Yelapa is famous for its pies, baked by two competing local women who strut up and down the beach balancing lemon meringues on their heads. About a million years ago, I used to sell pies after school for Augustina's sister, Juanita, to earn pesos for Cokes.

She unloads her wares, but I don't even have to look. Without hesitation, I go for a slice of chocolate coconut. Pete nearly has a breakdown trying to decide, but finally settles on apple. Don't worry, I tell him. If there is one certainty, it's that Augustina will be here again tomorrow.

Is that delicious? It's my valentine to you, dear reader.

The photos are from where the author stayed.

Thomas J. Story took the beautiful photos for the magazine.

p.s. I didn't recognize Wilco at the Grammys and Robert is still depressed.

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The Sporting Life Society said...

The video was shot by my friend Sam Jones...great song! (I'm such a name dropper! That's life in LA.)



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