Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Perfectly Prep

I'm craving some serious prep style. First of all, Robert got a new ride. I don't think I can even force myself to type what he was driving before. Oh, and how his friends delighted in asking me whether he picked me up in it. (No!)

So first, Robert scores an 80's sports car. Then, I open my Nordstrom catalog this month and Sperry Top Siders are all over the place.

Have I told the Sperry story before? When Robert was a child, he wanted Sperry Top Siders like everyone else. Sadly, his mom would only pay for the knockoffs called Bar Harbors. Better something than nothing, right?

On the first day of school, Robert met up with his friend Tim and looked down. "Bar Harbors?" Tim nodded. Best friends to this day.

Here's the most perfectly preppy (in every way) family I know. This was their Christmas photo. Do you love it?

I have confidence I can sport argyle too!


ALL THE BEST said...

Cute story and the daschund is adorable. I love your blog. I will add you to my blogroll.

ambika said...

Love the collage of prep looks. Perfectly captures all the things I love about the style.

And the dachsund's expression is going to make me laugh at work.

suzannemarques said...

all the best thank you! i'll add you too. how proud does little red look in his getup?

ambika, i can't get over him either.

Richard said...

I love your prep imagery, great collage. I also enjoyed the picture of the beautiful lady, adorable dog (I have a daschund just like him), and super stylish young man.

My favorite post :)

suzannemarques said...

richard - quite a compliment from the tastemaker himself! don't they look great? it's nice to see such a great representation of the style in real life.

The Sporting Life Society said...

I dig the "polo" look at the bottom left. Tres' bien!

suzannemarques said...

thanks brett! i adore the look too!

WDL said...

LOVE the argyle sweater in the ad. I want to buy it. I love blue argyle. And I also love the "day with the horses" look...I want a pair of riding boots so badly I can taste it. Though I live in Chicago - we don't ride horses much around in the city anymore.

And Robert is a lucky lady to get presents like that! I have to treat myself!!



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