Sunday, February 17, 2008

We've Only Just Begun

When I tell people about my hometown, there are two sources of pride.

1. Downey is home to the oldest McDonald's. It was built in 1953. I believe they still serve the original fried apple pies. Yum.

2. It's where the Carpenters grew up.

I learned the Carpenters' former home may be razed. It was featured on their album cover "Now and Then."

Without going into detail, I'm sad to hear another piece of history might be erased. About ten years ago, there were plans to demolish the old McDonald's and the locals fought for its preservation. It's still standing.

Last year, Johnie's Broiler (originally Harvey's Broiler) was demolished without warning or permits to make way for a used car lot. It was a popular filming location for movies like Heat, Pulp Fiction, The Game, Reality Bites, What's Love Got to Do with It?

I'm still sick with a cold. Coughing, sniffly. Thanks for the well wishes.


Richard said...

I began my career teaching history, and I can appreciate heritage and historical preservation. I am not a fan of fast food, but I would love to have one of those McDonalds apple pies!

suzannemarques said...

i love fast food. it's my guilty pleasure. when i was coming home from the doc the other day... had to make a pit stop for a happy meal. comfort food! those apple pies are a fave from childhood. flaky goodness.

Valentino said...

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