Saturday, February 09, 2008

More Office Obsessions

These pages are ripped out of the latest issue of Ready Made. I have to get this wallpaper for our office! With delight, I discovered it's Two Woods wallpaper by Cole & Son. I posted about the company not too long ago. I've seen this wallpaper before, but seeing it in an office is perfect! It goes with our wild backyard.

Below is a lovely vintage desk I spied in Silver Lake. I can't remember the name of the store, but I could find it again. After all, it's on a small stretch of Silver Lake Blvd. near Rubbish, another great vintage shop I love to visit.


Richard said...

My wife loved the photos, and she is inspired to create an office space similar to the images displayed. In addition, I think her jealousy of my manly library is additional inspiration. Anyway, we may have to hire you to decorate her office in the style demonstrated. With your eye for color and scale, you may be embarking on a second career :)

suzannemarques said...

how fun! i wish i could hire myself. i really can't put a room together. it's like i can assemble things i love but don't know where to put them!

lee kleinhelter said...

Just found your blog, its great and I love this desk! I have a furniture store in Atlanta with some vintage finds that I update and mix with some more modern pieces.

Please check out our site or stop by if your ever in town!

suzannemarques said...

lee, i used to go to your store all the time!
i used to live in buckhead & still miss pieces.. and that sushi place that's around the corner... :)


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