Tuesday, February 19, 2008

On Broadway...

My dear Patrick recently celebrated his 30th birthday at Broadway Bar in Downtown LA.
I'll take you through the photos. I was so proud of my bright blue tights. Everyone loves to strike a pose. His cake was inspired by a section of Florence Broadhurst wallpaper!
Notice Dana sharing his tie with Robert. I forgot to put a tie on him. I can be a bad wife. :(
D's jacket is pretty spiff too. I'm so going shopping for my man.


Richard said...

Look at you in those blue tights! I like your husband's blazer, especially the color. Is it velvet or fine wale corduroy? The Dana guy seems to have some style as well. I love the plaid jacket and repp tie. Is his jacket part of a suit, or is it an odd jacket?

suzannemarques said...

robert's jacket is velvet. it was a gift from moi! dana is quite the stylish guy. it is an odd jacket... i can't recall what his pants looked like...

ok, i just googled repp tie & fine wale corduroy. too bad you aren't local. you could really help a gal shop for menswear.

Richard said...

I would be happy to help you with menswear if I were local. However, if you ever have a question, I will certainly give you my opinion and advice. Its cute that you googled those terms :)


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