Friday, February 08, 2008

Jaws of Scuba

Last week, a friend was regaling me with stories about exotic trips scuba diving at remote tropical islands. I told him, I will never scuba. I have sensitive ears.

Fast forward to 3am Friday morning. I get a call from our assignment desk. How about scuba diving this morning? Sure! I'm never one to turn down a challenge.

I haven't swum laps in years - unless you count swimming with one's head above water. I'm not proud to admit it. All morning, I was trying to quiet the little voice in my head reminding me of countless childhood earaches.

But thanks to sweet scuba instructors and ignoring the claustrophobic feeling and racing heart, I did it. It's exhilirating overcoming a fear. Now... to plan the perfect tropical vacation.

If you look closely, my eyes do betray me a bit... :)


Richard said...

I have been missing your daily post the last couple days, but wow, you have done some serious posting today! Its great that you conquered the scuba challenge! I have always been afraid to fly in a small plane, but now I might try it.....okay, maybe not.

suzannemarques said...

you have to try it! my father did it for a while & said it wasn't that bad! though no joke, he got bored of it. he used to be a race car driver, so i can see why! :)

so don't fear!


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