Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pink Martinis with Oscar

One of my favorite bands is playing the Governor's Ball. How I wish I could be in two places at once.
Pink Martini's music feels straight from the 40's, elegant and glamorous, just like Rita Hayworth. Here she is in Gilda with their remake of Amado Mio. The song became insanely popular when she danced to it - didn't sing it though.

My favorite song of theirs is Sympathique. Listen to their music HERE.


Richard said...

Excellent post! I love the 20s,
30s, and 40s. Great video.....I felt like I was in a Bond film for a moment. And Rita, what can you say about Rita!

Anonymous said...

I know I sure wish I could be there. I told Gavin to keep his eyes closed so he wouldn't see stars and to give Javier Bardem a kiss for me. Of course, I won't know any of what happened till tomorrow. Or at least till he comes down from the high!

jeffrey said...

I am hooked! The Latin beat is great. The CD is on order and I cannot wait to get it.

I have been reading your blog for a few weeks, found it by viewing WASP101 - another great site, and enjoy it very much.

Thanks for the great posts!

suzannemarques said...

i wish i would've seen javier. i would've given him a kiss too :)
oh goody jeffrey! tell me what you think of them. love wasp101. i'm learning a lot about men's fashion!

jeffrey said...

My CD finally showed up and it is great!

My favorite is Amado Mio - I enjoy the Latin flavor.

Thanks for "blogging" about them!

suzannemarques said...

jeffrey, i'm so glad you love the cd! doesn't it make you want to have iced tea or cocktails by the pool? or host an afternoon party. that would be wonderful.
i love amado mio... the other songs will soon grow on you as well.


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