Friday, February 22, 2008

Oscar Party Dress

One of these Alice & Olivia dresses would be purrfect on Oscar night. That's if I had time to go get one. Maybe I still do? I'm gonna check.

Anyhoo, they're fun & a bit wild & since I'm just going to a party, I could totally rock one of these at the Pacific Design Center. Of course I have tons of black dresses that will work as back up.

Last year I was wearing black D&G with black stilettos & tights... and Quincy Jones said he loved my shoes. I said I love YOU Quincey! and gave him a big hug. Ah, Oscar night.


Richard said...

I like the 2nd & 3rd one the best. The first one is a little 1960s for me, but I am sure you could make it work Have fun getting ready, that is half the fun, right?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Marques,
I think you'll look great in any of the outfits. However, just for the record, I think the dress in the middle would be dazzling on you. It's very abstract and colorful.

But, there is rain in the forecast. Just make sure you stay warm ;)

—One of your Fox Morning News fans, Mr. Steve ;)

suzannemarques said...

getting ready is half of the fun! i went looking for the dresses & the store said they didn't have them in yet! i was so bummed. i made a special trip i was so excited. mr. steve, my favorite was the 2nd one too! :)
so i visited several other stores & may have found a winner.. we'll see on oscar night.. tonight!


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