Saturday, February 02, 2008

This Alarm Will Sound

Can you tell which one is by brother?

My brother Matt is in the group Alarm Will Sound. He has fun traveling all over the world, living in Brooklyn, went to school in London, and that musician personality... what is it... laid back, exasperated, thoughtful, intense?

I'm two years older than him & he just celebrated a birthday. Let's say he's 21-ish.
I went to NY to see him play Carnegie Hall. Not only did he play his instrument, he sang. His voice was gravely and strong. The last time I remember him singing was along with a Michael Jackson album in his room as a boy. He was not only singing, he had the moves. He stopped quickly when I caught him. Aren't those the best moments? He was so cute.

How my little bro has grown up. On our last trip to see him, we all went to a drag queen bar - Lucky Cheng's - and sang karaoke with our mom, harmonizing to Stayin' Alive. We rocked the house. Seriously.

(I just heard Robert singing to his ipod this morning. It was great. He's one I can never convince to sing karaoke. Even when we're out of the country! How cute are the shy types?)

I love how Matt's living his dream. You can check out his crazy blog here and his avant garde group Alarm Will Sound here! Happy birthday Mateo.

He's the one on the left with the french horn. Wasn't it obvious?


Richard said...

That's awesome. Being able to do what you love and earn a living is great. I enjoy what I do (most days), but I can't say it is my passion. Then again, I don't see myself quitting because I couldn't afford all those clothes I buy. I am such a clothes horse, but my wife still has more. That is some consolation, or at least it makes me feel better.

suzannemarques said...

but you are working for what you love... maybe that's close enough?
why not write a wasp 101 book? that would be cool.

Richard said...

I don't know if I write well enough to write an actual book. I enjoy the blogging thing for now.

My work is something that is an interest of mine, but it is stressful. And, you are right, it does pay for my expensive interest, and that makes me happy. However, I do realize there is more to life than having things.

Mafoo said...

Ha, that's the picture after I had lost over 20 pounds. I'm sitting because I was about to faint! More importantly, you promised you would never tell about the Michael Jackson incident!!

suzannemarques said...

oh no! did i really? i forgot about that! you were so cute. I think the statute of limitations has expired though, where it's not embarrassing anymore, it's cool that you can dance like michael. robert knows a few moves too. i don't :(

you don't look bad in the photo! i guess i chalked it up to moody lighting


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