Thursday, February 21, 2008

Chanel on Ice

A few days ago, I discovered this photograph by David LaChapelle titled "Chanel on Ice."

Today, while browsing, I saw The Hold Steady concert poster by Dan Stiles. Cool Coincidence.

I'm not really into concert posters. Since meeting me, Robert's been forced to sell most of his beloved posters to buy "real" art. Many posters = one fab piece of art, so I guess I love them in my own way. Means to an end.

Sorry poster fans. I do have a beloved signed George Clooney poster somewhere addressed to me, but it isn't hung up. What does that tell you?

The LaChapelle & other outrageously glamorous works are available at Guy Hepner LA.


Richard said...

I agree with your position on posters. I collect oil paintings that are framed in gold antique frames. My favorite is a pheasant hunt scene that is displayed in my small library.

I have a signed photo of Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson, but I never displayed it.

applevenusian said...

My cousin's husband is a movie theatre manager, and after reading a slightly racy blog post about Daniel Craig, he gave me a Casino Royale poster. I can't bring myself to hang it up, though. It's not fair to hubby.

Oh, and my in-laws have a ton of '60s concert posters... maybe I'll sell 'em off when they're gone and go on a Bonhams spree!

By the way, did I tell you I like your blog? :-D

WDL said...

I have a poster of from the movie The Pianist signed by Adrian Brody and Thomas Kretschmann. My entire home is decorated in 1940's war era lovliness, but this one doesn't really fit in with the rest of the Gorey pen and inks, and framed propaganda posters. And did I mention ITS HUGE!


suzannemarques said...

applevenusian - so glad you like my blog! you could make a killing off the 60's posters! just search completed listings on ebay & see how much some of those posters sell for! how sweet of your husband to buy you a poster of your crush! (same case with me.. robert got it for me. funny, huh?)

WDL, i'm sure the goreys would be swallowed up by the poster! i guess we all have things we hold onto for safekeeping. robert just bought a gorey litho. man with cats. to go in his future office. we haven't received it yet, maybe i'll blog about it!


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