Monday, April 21, 2008

Sweet Swede Lykke Li

I want to see Lykke Li when she plays the El Rey May 19th with El Perro del Mar. It happens to be a Monday, so let me know how it goes. At least I have her addicting videos.

The photos below are from Thanksgiving 2007. (Yes, that's when I put up my tree.) I swear, our night IS this video. How do I make my dress into her jacket....


Anonymous said...

Video and music are just great!

I only recently discovered your blog but it's already one source of inspiration for me really.

Hope you get well asap. But: If you're not allowed to talk it seems you have more time to feed this blog, which is good.

Anyway - lots of love and keep that post alive.


suzannemarques said...

Naphill - you are so sweet. thank you!
i try and spruce up the playlist often if you're into music... i love suggestions too.

xoxo as well!

Anonymous said...

Lykke will play at the London Scala next Monday! I'll be there for sure.

Suggestions? At this very moment I'd go for "Duffy". A bit more mainstream but what a tasteful combination of 60ies feeling with a twist of presence - both in her music and her classic style.


suzannemarques said...

ooh. i love 60's style. duffy is delish!

thank goodness i can focus on some new FAB female singers. i've been missing em! :)

lemme know how she does. ooh. london. i've only been there once & it was yummy.

Rebel said...

Yo - Hook,

Laryngitis? Wow - sorry to hear that. Takes about a week to clear that out, right? Hopefully you can get some meds to make that happen 'rickey-tick' as we say in the Corps. In the meantime - Fox 11 is 'one team/one fight' - so it's time for Bloodawg and Packman to dust off the microphone, practice their lines, and make it happen - right? :>)

You write: "An obsession and passion for beautiful things, vivid colors, fearless design, ingenious art, lists, scrumptious food & humor." I'll scroll down through here and see if you give examples of what you mean by that since 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' As for me - I support the idea that elegance is the union of simplicity with power - and I'm into the elegance thing. From certain bridges (lol - yup - bridges can be elegant), to pearls and an A-line 'little black dress' - to - the lines of your brand new ride I saw in the parking garage, it's all about elegance.

Greetings to your boys, watch those tan lines :>), avoid wearing scrubs on the air, and make sure you don't do anything I wouldn't do, [which leaves you with plenty of latitude! lol]


P.S. My video went well and thanks again for the tips - I used 'em. However, I'm not exactly dusting off my resume!

Oh - and as to music - the blues to me are addictive. One example, you may have heard of Johnny Lang? The dude who hit the music scene at the grand old age of 14 in the 90's?

Mafoo said...

Nice! I like Lykke Li. Her videos are particularly fascinating. If you like her check out Bat for Lashes. She also has that retro 60s vibe. And this is the greatest video ever:

applevenusian said...

I hope you feel better soon, Suzanne! I'm home with strep throat myself. Ugh.

Have you had a listen to She & Him? Beautiful lyrics, soulful vocals, pretty people making the music... it's got it all.

Richard said...

I love the metallic dress. It is very glamorous, and Old Hollywood. You the woman!


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