Wednesday, April 09, 2008

At the Races

I had to share a moment. It's special to me because I've grown up with racing.

This is one of my live shots for Good Day LA, so you get a snippet of my experience. If you watch it, when they power up the Indy car, you can feel your bones rattle inside your body. It's an amazing feeling.

I got to ride in a pace car on the Long Beach Toyota Grand Prix course - which winds through a few streets of the city. You'll see a few shots when I rode with a "drifter" - my new favorite way to ride shotgun.

I don't normally post work stuff (I get paid to do this?) but I do have a work blog Check it out here!

If you aren't a fan of tv news reporters, or just want a laugh, check out The Dangers of Being a TV News Reporter. My throat hurts I've been laughing so hard. Thanks Matt.


Gabriela said...

It is very nice to see someone you’ve just seen in pictures and communicated by writing, suddenly talking and moving. You’re a very fun reporter! And how cool that both of your parents were into fast cars together.

It must be such a tough job to do. Some of the parts in that video are hilarious, but others, some of them really must get in pain. Ouch!

Gabriela said...

Ups! The second parahraph of my previous comment was about the video of the dangers of being a TV reporter, not about car raicing... Just to make sure it's understood. Ciao!

suzannemarques said...

thank you gabriela! i have so much fun at work! i feel like the luckiest gal on the planet :)

that video is crazy. i feel bad for the ones who look seriously hurt. fire & being knocked down, yikes! :)


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