Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Know When To Fold Em

Glamour Girls & Two Wild and Crazy Guys. That's who's leaving for Las Vegas this weekend. The first visit in seven years. Lucky seven folks. Couldn't resist.

I'm feeling Sharon Stone in Casino. Pale dresses accented in gold. Big hair, diamonds real and fake. In fact, lots of fake everything.
For the men, two wild & crazy guys. Tight open shirts revealing chest hair and ridiculous necklaces. No holding back on the hair gel.

Oh yeah. This is a Robert in his new shirt & necklace. Rowr.


Annie Empiric said...

I was feeling Ms.Stone in Casino myself on a recent trip to Sin City. Complete with a french manicure of pink w/ red tips on my nails and white w/ gold tips on my toes. It was fierce! Good Luck!

suzannemarques said...

annie, you are an inspiration. sounds gorgeous!!!
i'll let you know how it turns out! :)

India said...

Can't wait for your pictures...I'm sure you'll look fabuvegas!


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