Sunday, April 20, 2008

Chicken Soup For The Soul

I rushed to the doctor Saturday morning because I've lost my voice. He not only wrote me a prescription for Z-Pack, on another prescription paper, he wrote down 4 home remedies and said they're just as important.
If he made house calls & carried the black doctor's bag, it would feel just like a modern-day Little House on the Prairie!

Here's my doctor's orders...

1. no talking for 36 hours : check.
2. humidifier with distilled water : check.
3. tea with honey & lemon : no dice. i don't like the combo so I'm drinking green tea
4. fresh chicken soup: check!

How to make fresh chicken soup? Robert & I didn't have a recipe. (I know. Dangerous.) Here's what we did. He bought carrots, onions, celery, chicken broth and chicken breasts. We sliced the veggies in generous chunks, but you can slice thinly. We sauted the veggies lightly to soften and sauted chicken thorougly in a pan before cutting them into desired chunks. You can shred your chicken if that's what you like.

Heat up several cans of chicken broth in a pot & add your favorite spices. We threw in garlic salt, bay leaves, rosemary, sage and thyme. Once it's simmering, add chicken & veggies. Then add fresh chunks of potato. We used red. Cook for 20 minutes. I added salt and pepper to taste at the end.

Anyone know how to bring a voice back in other ways?


benson said...

I would think your voice is a very important part of your career...hope you get it back soon! In the meantime you can think of Kathleen Turner (in Body Heat...not now!)
PS Love the tile in back of your stovetop :)

suzannemarques said...

Indeed! I was talking/whispering to a fellow broadcaster tonight & she says she can avoid about everything BUT laryngitis. :)

& Demi Moore! I'll feel so Demi Moore when it starts coming back.

it's ann sacks, thanks!

Gabriela said...

Oh... I hope you get well soon!

Can you read Spanish? If so, you can find all sorts of home made remedies for almost everything in this web page:
(check in 'consejos').

Take good care!

WDL said...

oh em gee!

i would totally make you matzah ball soup if I were closer! you poor poor button!!

i'll send good vibes your way!


Jessica Claire said...

there is nothing like homemade chicken soup with matzah balls and noodles

I have a traditional recipe from my grandmother if you want!

suzannemarques said...

jessica - yummy! send it over please! we need a recipe! :)


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