Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fortified With Optimism

It's good to be optimistic. It's great to be lucky. Lady luck kissed my brother-in-law Thursday night.

Here he is enjoying a Blood & Sand at The Dresden with us last night. Here's the story.

John: loves The Office & 30 Rock. Works for Nature Made, overseeing the SOYJOY account. An all natural fruit & soy bar!

Featured on this week's 30 Rock episode? SOYJOY. Fortified with Optimism!

In the show, SOYJOY was sponsor of the MILF Island reality show. Pete Hornburger also got his arm stuck in a vending machine trying to steal a dangling SOYJOY.

Congrats Johnny. For your enjoyment...

I love when Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) gets on the phone with Cheney & he's watching MILF Island too.

"Oh hello, Vice President Cheney. Yes, I hope Deborah wins as well.
No, they're not real unfortunately."

The show is golden.

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