Monday, April 07, 2008

Green With Envy

I've always loved gardens that have that Alice in Wonderland feel. Edward Scissorhands too.
Fantasy I guess it would be? Anyway, with the weather being so unbelievable in Los Angeles, one can't help but want to spend lots of time outdoors.

I live in a canyon, so the sprawling gardens above are impossible to pull off, but I wouldn't mind doing a little garden. I don't remember where I found the image below, but it's a petite version.

As for who would pull off my fantasy backyard? I already know. Kathleen Ferguson worked for fashion designer Richard Tyler (naturally) before focusing on landscapes. Her creations have a modern and wild feel. View her gorgeous portfolio at

One day, one day!

Again, this isn't one of her gardens below, but it's kind of her style. Her photos are all in flash, so make the trip!


Turling said...

Fabulous gardens. Even over the cold weekend (ok, cold for Southern California) we were still out planting a sea of lavender on a hillside on one side of the property. Nothing quite like a well maintained garden for a summertime barbeque. Can't wait for the hot weather.

WDL said...

BBC's city gardener Matt James does this sort of thing. have you ever read any of his books? or seen images of his gardens?

he's awesome. and does gardens just like the ones that make you all drooly.


suzannemarques said...

turling - how lovely. are you in socal? (i was up north this weekend so i missed the chilly weather.. but today is gorgeous!)

wdl - going there now!!

suzannemarques said...

ok, turling. i just realized you SAID you are in socal. i'm operating on too little sleep.

wdl - thank you! he's amazing!!

Richard said...

Beautiful photos -- I like the top few the best! Beautiful gardens and bright colored flowers are common around here, and it almost becomes a competition among neighbors to out do the other.

Gabriela said...

What a beautiful post and I love that title too. It’s funny, I went for dinner the other day to some friend’s place and they had a small loft with a large terrace where you could see a wonderful view of all the roofs tops. They just moved, the terrace was empty and I started fantasising about what I would do with it if it was mine, which flowers I would like to plant, etc. And now I see your post here… What is destiny trying to tell me about gardens?

The Ferguson web page is very nice and interesting, but I like better the English type of garden, which perhaps is not a very good idea for California. However, Jennifer Gardner’s (appropriate name for this subject) and Ben Affleck’s garden, which must be in LA, is more like a Mediterranean-English style and it looks so gorgeous! –I saw it in a magazine (vogue?)-

PS. I accidentally rejected one of the comments you made in my blog. Just in case you went back and didn’t find it… I’m so sad and sorry; it was suuuuuch a nice comment… :-(

Alya said...

i looove those! I too want a sprawling Alice in Wonderland/Edward Scissorhands garden!

Do you know who designed the first two gardens?


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