Sunday, April 20, 2008

Random Moments in SoCal

I'm always on the road and notice interesting things that have absolutely no use for a story, but make my day.

The first photo was taken on Easter. I was driving down La Cienega just past the Beverly Center, when I saw this cart. Our backseat was filled with Easter baskets, candy and toys. It touched me when I saw the plush teddy bear hanging from the suitcase zipper.

I was in Watts last week when I saw this "Jesus Is Watching You" sign. I instantly thought of Banksy, who posts tongue-in-cheek graffiti. This sign is posted on the outside of a church. I don't think it's a joke.

I'm still surprised at the last photos. I was at Sunset & Crescent Heights when I saw the guy on the motorcycle with the parrot perched on his shoulder. I thought it was a prop because of the busted feathers, but then the bird turned his head to give me a tough look.

When they took off, the bird didn't even flinch. But his feathers were indeed, ruffled.


Anonymous said...

A bird on your shoulder as you ride your crotch-rocket is worth 3 in the trees...or something like that.


suzannemarques said...

that parrot is so much cooler than a pit bull & i'd be super scared of him if motorcycle dude said, "Sic em!" :)

Diana said...

The Jesus one is scary!

suzannemarques said...

Diana - I know, Watts can be too! :)


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