Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chic Chevron Floors

If I ever move, I think I may have to get chevron floors.
I had a choice a few months ago, when we were installing hardwood floors, but thought it would be too cost prohibitive to justify. (Can you just imagine the number of cuts?)
I think I made a wise decision, because I have a tendency toward excess. With my oversized baseboards & mouldings, it probably would've been too busy.
If I do splurge on chevron someday, I'll take cues from Erin Fetherston's home, where the faded chevron floors are center stage.
Right now, I like saturated colors way too much. I figure I'll be tastefully understated later in life.


Pink Wallpaper said...

i ADORE chevron pattern floors!! i am right there with you...in my next house

suzannemarques said...

so glad! i don't even know how much they cost. i don't want to know, i believe :)

coco+kelley said...

for some reason... i used to HATE chevron floors. then all of a sudden i started seeing them done well. with gorgeous eclectic furnishings, they totally work, and now i LOVE THEM! that first room is one of my faves.

Jessica said...

those floors are beautiful!!! wow! i will also have to join the "in my next house" club :)


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