Friday, April 18, 2008

Tall Drink of Water

With my air conditioning still on the fritz, it's been getting a bit steamy in my house.
I'm reminded of my old stomping grounds - Atlanta.

This is Ralph Lauren Home's Mayfair collection. It's 1940's inspired and reminds me of the steamy South. Elegant & fresh styling often contrasts the oppressive weather.

Love the cool combination of black, cream, white and silver.

It's as refreshing as a tall drink of water on a hot afternoon. (That's the saying!)

* Happy weekend! *


Diana said...

Love Georgia...this is a great reflection of their style.

WDL said...

ok, now here is a reason to come to chicago!

P.O.S.H (Port Out, Starboard Home...first class travel accomodations for rich passengers on luxery liners)

I go here all the time. I love everything they sell. It reminded me of this post. I feel like I'm shopping in a great Aunt's attic!

Have a great weekend. I'm going to the opera tonight, and to the Art Institute tomorrow...after brunch with the Dr!

Ashley L. said...

the only thing i have to say is... simply stunning! :)


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