Saturday, April 12, 2008

Summer Lovin

It feels like summer here in Southern California, so we grilled & had dinner outside.

How do you like our lights? They're a bit askew from when we set up a cabana for my birthday in September, but I like the haphazard effect. Simba was sad to have to watch us from inside.

I prepped & set Pink Martini on the ipod. Robert grilled. Our grill was given to us by our neighbor, Diane. We have the friendliest sweetest neighbors. That's Laurel Canyon for ya!
The finished product. I observed. Avocado salsa & lime chips.

Sitting down for our simple feast. Our "snow tiger" Audrey is the only kitty allowed outdoors. It's her domain.


Richard said...

Everything looks so romantic! Well done.

suzannemarques said...

thank you richard. it was tasty & romantic too!

benson said...

you look so glamourous--by this time of night I would have been in flip flops or uggs :) Don't you love the warm weather?!

suzannemarques said...

uggs are so comfortable. so are flip flops! i wanted to look cute for robert. (personally, when i'm home, i'm in a tank top, shorts or cotton pants & socks... so comfy!)


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