Monday, April 07, 2008

Vineyard Adventures

Here are some pics from our wine tasting trip to El Dorado. The first is our group who rode in our van. We had three! Next to us is the typical friendly face you see. Don't you love it?

It was called Passport Weekend. It was gorgeous. Robert stamped his passport at every stop. We made it to 8 the first day!

Posing next to our Cobra. Ok, not really. There are 2 of our vans.

The guys hauling out cases of wine. A darling little sign. Matt, our designated driver - a must! - who brought earplugs he later used to tune us out.

I couldn't get over the scenery. It felt like we were in another state. Oil tasting is a nice break from wine tasting.

Lindsey made us "wine bras." They weren't what I expected. They're a bra to hold your wineglass as you travel to different vineyards. You use the same glass. I love animals! Thank goodness I still have lips though.

Robert trying the futures. (Wines almost ready to drink) A long-haired chihuahua. Everyone's invited! :) A fun bar called Poor Red's. It's THE stop in town. Lisa Breckenridge at work told me about it because she not only knows LA, she knows everywhere.

Posing inside Red's. Shades & boa, check. The theme song for the weekend: Jumpin Jack Flash!


Gabriela said...

It looks like you had a wonderful time! Those red boas are gorgeous. I love wine tasting, but I have to be very, very careful with it because tend I get too 'happy' too quickly. But it is great to taste new flavours while having fun with friends. You can also try cheese tasting or chocolate tasting -that one I loved!-. There's even also water tasting which was kind of absurd and dull and quite a waste of time, I won't do that one again... But the others were very interesting.

WDL said...

you are too much.

and you look fab!


suzannemarques said...

gabriela - cheese tasting & chocolate tasting sound delectable! water tasting is hilarious. :)

wdl - xoxo!

Pink Wallpaper said...

that looks like sooo much fun!


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