Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fabulous Female Artists

Erika Yamashiro loves the same things as me. Kitties, cupcakes, butterflies & brunettes who don't look at the camera! :)

She's making her US debut at project: gallery along with 3 other female artists. The show is called "familiar friends".

The artists - Erika Yamashiro, Lisa Alisa, Cherri Wood and Lindsay Campbell.

It's (this) Saturday April 19th 7-10pm
project: gallery
8545 washington blvd
culver city, ca 90232

Here's the show description from project:gallery.

Alongside veteran NY "superflat" artist Lisa Alisa, the three emerging artists present work showcasing their unique styles, while giving us their versions of the female form. Bordering between innocent and erotic, each artist expresses their varying degrees of femininity through their alter ego's on canvas. We are left to ponder where self portrait ends and the characters begin.

I just made my plans for Saturday night. Done. It's open to everyone. Maybe I will see ya there? Robert will be with me... sans parrot.


Richard said...

Interesting -- But the one with the little things crawling on her hair freaks me out. It reminds of the time a kid got lice when I was in kindergarten.

beau b said...

sweet, see you at the show!

Diana said...

very nice selection!


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