Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Flight of Fantasy

I was at Universal Studios today, on a set created for War of the Worlds. I didn't see the film, but I was reminded of a photo by David LaChappelle. Here it is below.

Is it the same place?

Illustrious FOX11 photographer Don Phillips is pictured above. His nickname is Kool Aid because he bursts out the doors of live trucks. :)


coco+kelley said...

ha ha ha. you're so cute!!!

and i LOVE your mark twain quote! (no surprise there.)

i'm recruiting more gals for the bloggers get together. stay tuned!

amber said...

super destructo, how fun! love your dress, too, by the way.

suzannemarques said...

coco+kelly - yay! i'm so excited! i have to tell some gals at work who love to blog too when we set a date!

amber - thanks qt! i got my dress at nordstrom in BP/ juniors... like $48. here it is! :)


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of how I felt after my first girlfriend broke up with me...my world destroyed, and she was standing around looking cute and then went to play with her friends...I think I was 7.



Richard said...


Are you secretly filming the new G.I. JANE movie :)

Diana said...

That looks so freaking cool!!!

applevenusian said...

OH YEAH!!! *crashes through brick wall*

It looks like that scene from The Aviator when HH crashes his plane in the Westside.

suzannemarques said...

brett - so sweet. my first kiss was at age 7. a boy named sean st. clair kissed me on my left arm just above my elbow. i was all tingly. then he ran away & we continued to play chase

richard - i'll let demi handle that! i'm a wuss.

thx diana! i was so excited :)

applevenusian... i laughed out loud at your comment! the funniest part is he busts through the double doors in the back of our truck.. out of nowhere. it's very authentic. ohhhh yeahhhh!

i love that scene in the aviator!

Gabriela said...

These photos are very impressive! I love that blue dress you're wearing and it looks great with boats!

Jennifer Ramos said...

You;re cute...! and your pictures are so funny...love this...i want to go there sometime and see that set.

Jen Ramos
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