Monday, April 14, 2008

Visual Noise

One of my favorite people on the planet just launched a blog. She's passionate, ridiculously creative, a gifted writer & dreamer.

I could write about her all day, so I'll give you a few reasons why she's my partner in crime:

- She has great taste in music.

- She has mad rap skills and was the Snoop Dogg to my Dr. Dre in high school.

- We attended kindergarden together and one of our fondest memories is our circus act performance.

- Speaking of performance, we were songleading co-captains.

- We both love to write (and work a room).

Now get in early & check out her blog... Visual Noise.


little miss sunshine said...

you are unbelievable. mad props from the only woman i know capable of throwing them in my direction. finally i got on it... im looking forward to this new aspect of our lives.. xo.

suzannemarques said...

i was inspired to create a blog after reading your lovely blog on love. it was like a delicious romance novel... or like reading love letters. you are soulful!

ALL THE BEST said...

Just went for a visit...thanks for the tip!


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