Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunny Side of San Diego

Being in the Gaslamp district, there are so many opportunities to dance. People walk by with boomboxes, Hare Krishnas appear with drums on street corners, guys wearing hip hop gear seranade folks with Wonderwall!?

We shared a good Pinot Noir, had fun at the Hard Rock & I adore the Victorian architecture that pops up from time to time.

I don't think we stopped eating all weekend. I like my calamari with tentacles, watching passersby from the Hard Rock bar, & tasted the best hummus of the trip at Masala - an Indian joint.

I have a soft spot for pigeons. (Hey, Banksy does for rats.) We discovered a lovely shop & stayed at the Omni.

Enjoying Mexican food & margaritas at lunch, Dia de los Muertos figures always make me smile, y moi.

San Diego, te quiero! (I love you.) A weekend of dancing, music, food, discovery. It wasn't hot, so thank goodness for jacuzzis.

I kept having flashbacks to Nashville, Tennessee. I'm still marinating in our SD experience, so let's talk about Nashville - the last time Robert & I decided on a last-minute trip.

When we went to Nashville, we found a couple of great jazz/blues joints (like Croce's in SD!) but I'm not a big fan of today's country music.

When we stepped into Robert's Western World in Nashville, I found not only authentic country music, but rockabillys.. the guys wearing gelled pompadours & rolled-up jeans, the gals wearing red lips and vintage hairstyles.

Check out some classic country crooners on my playlist. I also added a few spirituals my mom used to sing to me as a baby. The songs were featured in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

If you are ever in Nashville, check out Brazilbilly at Robert's Western World!

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Richard said...

You look like you had a fabulous weekend! Calamari, yum! I love your hat and dress! Very Hamptons :)


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