Friday, March 28, 2008

My Bad

How ridiculous is Jaime's hair from W&R? My gal always owns it.

So I'm packing right now, but it's not for wine tasting. I swear, transitioning to my new shift has made me lose my marbles. Wine tasting is next weekend. Dios mio!

So what does a gal do when her husband took a special vacation day to fly up north.. only the flight is next Friday? Why, plan a different vacay of course!

Sister got online, booked a hotel & we are off! Here's a sampling of last night's soiree. Fun!

My theme song this weekend: Rolling Stone's Shattered. Love a song that beckons the open road.

Here's an addicting song & video from my myspace buddy Rigo. If you like Shoes, you will love this. It's also inspired by Jaime's fierce do.


WDL said...

omg. girlfriends hair looks GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT! put some on a cracker for me.

I'm off on a 3rd date tonight with the Dr.

Wish me luck!


Richard said...

Your friend is beautiful!

suzannemarques said...

Wdl - I hope your dated rocked! She is absolutely edible.

Richard - she is a stunner - inside & out. She kind of reminds me of your crush - scar jo

Laguna Beach Trad said...

Killer hairstyle.

suzannemarques said...

thanks LBT! i'll have to send all these nice notes her way


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