Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Highbrow Meets Brilliant

Alarm Will Sound made the highest rating on this week's Approval Matrix on the New York Magazine website.
To gain cool points, go to http://www.alarmwillsound.com/
It's not too late.
My brother Matt (french horn in AWS) blogs too: http://mattmarksmusic.blogspot.com/


Mafoo said...

Aw... thanks. Still I can't believe we beat Spitzer! That means we've made it.

design for mankind. said...

fantastic blog!!! :)

suzannemarques said...

mafoo, i love my brother sososososo much. i am so proud of you!!! xoxoxoxo

btw, i performed stayin alive at karaoke on my own & i missed you & mom! it wasn't the same without our harmonizing!

design 4 mankind, thanks girl!! :)


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