Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Merlot!

How much did you love Alexander Payne's Sideways? He did Election as well, so the man is awesome.

So I'm going to a wine festival this weekend in El Dorado & I can't wait. We are going with a group of folks who try to break a record in the number of vineyards they visit every year. How fun is that? There's a designated van driver. At each stop, everyone must down a bottle of water. I like the racing aspect.

This is also a group who genuinely enjoys sampling wines & everyone has the most fabulous sense of humor. Isn't humor the most important quality?

Because my post is a bit nerdy & yuppyish, I can't resist a shout out to one of my fave websites, which will hopefully balance me out:

Stuff White People Like

Here's an excerpt:

White people need to learn about wine as soon as possible. Not learning until college puts them at an inherent disadvantage to Europeans and white children raised abroad. It is strongly recommended that children learn about wine regions, vintages, terroir, and tannins in elementary school to give them that all important leg up when they reach college.

Being able to declare “my favorite wine as a child” in a conversation is recognized as more impressive than stories about extended visits to wine regions. In fact, it can only be topped by a story about opening your own vineyard.

(At least I'm not that bad.)


Richard said...

Interesting post! I never watched Sideways, but I did see Election. Pick Flick! (I hope I am thinking of the right movie)

applevenusian said...

Hope you have two tons of fun this weekend! hee hee.

I don't read too many current authors, but Tom Perrotta is one I can't resist. I've got Election (the book) on my Amazon wish list. Read three other books of his and of course I love Election and Little Children.

WDL said...

omg. you are going to have to pee so bad!!


Alya said...

i hated election (it was that good - u have to hate everything about it)

and Stuff White People Like - rocks! its soooo funny!

ALL THE BEST said...

Watch it all the time! Stuff White People Like is so hilarious, and sadly, a bit true!!


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