Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pick a Color, Any Color

A little help here? This is my beloved Dorothy Draper chest. I scored it on Ebay a while back.

This is what it looks like restored, but I'm not thrilled with the color combo.

These two below are getting closer. The photo on the left is what I tend to see most often, but I want a softer color for upstairs. I'm kind of feeling the baby blue, but fear it may look too childish?

I like the grey on these chests. Not sure if they're authentic Draper, but I like the color combos. Maybe it's a copout though, going too neutral.



Anonymous said...

Go with a "powder blue" pastel as opposed to the baby blue...almost like a butter-mint. What does the rest of the room look like?


suzannemarques said...

good idea. i like the idea of a light color.
it's in an undecorated hallway. there's a stairwell leading to it painted tiffany blue. the hallway though, can be painted a diff. color.
i love the chest so much that i'll design around it.

ALL THE BEST said...

Maybe a really soft robin's egg blue.

applevenusian said...

I agree with the soft robin's egg blue. I was watching Trading Spaces this weekend and one of the rooms was a very pretty color like robin's egg blue. Grey is a very of-the-moment color, too. :)

WDL said...

i'd head straight to the local library and get some draper books/catalogs. she was a bold and stylish woman, much like yourself, you might be surprised what she would approve of.

I like the powder blue, but something with more pop might be more fitting.


Richard said...

I think u should trust yourself and buy what u want. I am sure u will make it look great, regardless of the color!

suzannemarques said...

sounds like the light crisp blue is winning...
ooooh wdl!!! i am all about more pop, sugar! this is so fun having an a-list librarian in my corner..
so excited! :)

suzannemarques said...

ok, i realize you want me to go to the library. i'm ashamed to admit i never go! i take lazy trips to amazon. i do have a draper book.. (in the pink)
it only shows it in black... do you have any other draper books at your fab library? or recommend any bold colors?

Alya said...

i actually prefer the white/gold combo. It looks great on its own, AND it will look good with any color u decide to paint the hallway, or any peices you decide to decorate ur house with.

It looks extravagant all on its own, really.

suzannemarques said...

good point alya... it would be most versatile!

Pink Wallpaper said...

gosh, what a great find. i think it will look amazing w/ whatever "personal style" you put on it.

Don Raney & Jaymes Richardson said...

You have a great 'pedigree' piece here- but you don't have to be a purist and leave it white and gold if that's not working for you. Dorothy Draper herself often modified furnishings, saying that there are no such thing as antiques! It is a 'statement piece' tho - so the color should follow that lead and make a statement as well. We believe you mentioned it would be in a brown room. Definately keep the gold details and brass drawer pulls, but how about considering a 'Chinese Red' or 'Hermes Orange' finish? Think "impact" with these types of Draper pieces! Anything shy of that would be doing the piece and yourself an injustice.

suzannemarques said...

hi don & jaymes!
i changed my mind about the brown room, but i love the idea of hermes orange. one of my favorite colors...

applevenusian said...

Hermes orange and Indian pink!!! *drool*

Lisa said...

Hi Suzanne,

Love the chest. This may be a bit boring but I like the grey and cream, particularly heading into a hallway that is a tiffany blue. it could be lovely to make them a bit deeper..the color in the pic with a little china white, chocolate brown and lamp black would get you to a lovely rich taupe. I've been enjoying your posts..sounds like life is good.

Lisa at Lisa Teague Studios

Jennifer Ramos said...

I love all of those, but i like the white and gold chest the best...if you want a soft color. The blue isnt bad, just a different value of blue would be best.

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

Ann said...

I vote for raspeberry... or the Hermes Orange. Or even an apple green!

WDL said...

ooh. i'm totally inclined to think hermes orange! I love it, in a high laquer. dd was obsessed with roses - im even thinking a deep pink would be really fantastic in that space, the piece deserves its own identity. don't make it fit in....let it stand alone. its OK if it doesn't "match". Matchy matchy is gross anyway.

I was also thinking a really delicious soft green (like the border on the site

Good luck, and you better rephotograph and show off!


Anonymous said...

well im currently thinking about painting a hallway wall a charcoal/eggplant. now that i see your chest this color might work.
maybe with the inner edges of the drawers in a slightly tarnished silverleaf? might look nice against the tiffany blue wall?


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