Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vintage Watches

I was flying from NY to LA not too long ago, sitting next to a writer from the NY Times. She was on her cellphone chewing out someone for not having something ready for her interview with Charlize Theron. The woman scared me. I didn't talk to her, but did admire her accessories.
She had a oversized Goyard bag - I'll take the Barney's exclusive in white - but her watch! I love a great watch.

She was wearing a vintage gold ladies watch. I don't know the brand, but the pic up top is the closest I've seen to it. Hers seemed more glam. But lust!

I also like the idea of a big heavy timepiece. Rolex + Tiffany = perfection!

Here are some other vintage watches that make my heart sing.


Richard said...

I will take the silver oyster dial rolex in gold! I am also a big fan of vintage rolex chronographs.

WDL said...

ugh. Fly to Chicago now, to wipe the drool off my desk.

WDL (who has 2 watches...one dress, and one casual)

suzannemarques said...

richard - i love just about every rolex! :)
wdl - my watch is a simple square faced cartier with a black band (i have brown too, but never use). it's a bit conservative so that's why i need something a little flashier! dying to know which watches you have.

Project Ecoart said...

I am desperately seeking the right vintage Rolex myself. Love your selection!

Very happy I found your blog... I watch Good Day L.A. every morning :)

Eddie V said...

I never knew that there was such a thing as a Tiffany&Co Rolex watch! The Rolex Submariner is the best looking Rolie in my book.


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